Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cam Newton: The Second Coming?

     Its week 9 of the NFL season now, and it has become evident that the biggest sleeper in the draft was in fact the number 1 overall pick. Through 7 games, he's managed to revive Steve Smith's career,  score 15 touchdowns, and single-handedly turn around the Panthers abysmal offense. He nearly defeated the Super Bowl Champs, and a couple weeks ago he turned his sights on the Redskins. We all know how that turned out. Last week it was the Vikings, and although they did not come out with a win, he still ended up with three touchdowns. In his first 8 games, Cam Newton has thrown for 2,393 yards and scored 18 total touchdowns. That means he is currently on pace for 4,786 passing yards and 36 total touchdowns, numbers that have never been reached by a rookie.

      The hype for Cam Newton was not always there forever. As a freshman at the University of Florida playing behind Tim Tebow, he rarely ever saw the field. During his sophomore season, he was suspended from the team for stealing a laptop. At the conclusion of the season, he made the decision to transfer to Blinn College, a junior college in Texas. In one year at Blinn, Newton redeemed himself by winning the National Championship and being elected a Junior College All-American. He then decided to transfer to Auburn University, where he led the Tigers to an undefeated season, a National Championship, and broke a number of records along the way. 

     His journey to success was not easy by any means, but he is now the most promising prospect in the NFL by far. His outstanding abilities, unlimited potential, and impressive production are just a few things that tell me he could end up being the greatest to ever set foot on the gridiron.

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