Friday, January 13, 2012

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

   Things to Watch 
     There are a number of big games in the NFL this week The number one seeds in both conferences have tough match-ups. New England: The Denver Tebows. Green Bay: The New York Defensive Line.This is what I'll be looking forward to watching this weekend. The New Orleans game has the potential to be just as exciting, but the 49ers have a tendency to suck the life out of a game. 3 yard runs by Frank Gore just don't excite me. Drew Brees? That's what I'm looking forward to. I expect Baltimore-Houston to be a defensive battle. Arian Foster and Ray Rice will shine, but the lack of throwing ability will keep the score down.

New Orleans at San Francisco
     The New Orleans Saints are a dome team. It has been widely speculated throughout the week that although they are very dominate, it will be tough for them to duplicate last week's effort in an outdoor game. Frank Gore will be ready to rip the Saints' 24th ranked defense. Vernon Davis will be looking to exploit the leaky secondary. The thing that will hold the 49ers back is Alex Smith. A match-up between him and Brees is no comparison. Darren Sproles, Jimmy Graham, and Marques Colston are outstanding weapons, and they will help propel New Orleans to a victory. 27-17.

Denver at New England
     Once again, we have Tebow vs Brady. A mechanical nightmare against a true prototype. These two players couldn't be more different, yet they are very alike in their 2nd year rise to fame. This matchup is all about these two. Can the Patriots snap their 3 game postseason losing streak? Can Tim Tebow do it again? Many people have continued to doubt him, but he continues to add more badges to his Boy Scout persona. Unfortunately, I just can't will myself to buy in. I still believe Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history, plus the Patriots have this guy. I'm sticking with my gut. Pats win 31-23.

Houston at Baltimore
     This game presents a very intriguing match-up. Two underwhelming quarterbacks with great supporting casts. For me, the difference will be the youth of the Texans. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have been staples of this league for over a decade. Both are future HOFers in my book, but they are past their primes, and Arian Foster & Company are ready to exploit that. The young Houston defense led by Brian Cushing and Demeco Ryans has something that the Ravens will not be ready for. Texans pull it out 20-17.

New York at Green Bay
     The New York Football Giants are ready to pull off an upset that has been billed as the second coming of their Super Bowl XLII victory.Green Bay defeated them in a close bout late in the season, just as the Patriots did 4 years ago. The Giants are more healthy and looking like a better team now, just as they did 4 years ago. However, this is not 2008, and the '11 Packers are not the '07 Patriots. That Patriots team had 8 players on Injured Reserve, while this Packers team has players getting healthy at the right time. Jennings is back. So are James Starks, Chad Clifton, Bryan Bulaga, and Randall Cobb. Bad news for the Giants, the Packers are on their way to the NFC Championship. Green Bay wins 34-24.

Bottom Line
This will be a great week of football for everyone. Ratings will be off the charts. Stakes will be high. Level of play will be amazing. Tebow Time. Mr. Discount Double Check. And BJ Raji will surely show us what he's got.

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