Friday, March 9, 2012

Where will Peyton Manning End Up?

   Peyton "The Free Agent"

     The time has finally come. The first and only 4-time NFL MVP is now an unrestricted free agent. No more questions about Andrew luck, the number one overall pick, or the Indianapolis Colts. The question now: Where will "The Sheriff" end up?

     Right now, it could be any of a wide range of teams. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, there were at least a dozen teams that contacted Manning's agent on the day of his release. In my opinion, there are three teams that have an edge over the others: The New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins, and the Washington Redskins.

     The team Peyton Manning ends up with will really say a lot about him as a man, because each of these teams offers a specific set of advantages that the others do not have. The New York Jets offer the opportunity to share a city with his brother, and the ultimate stage for a guy that wants attention. Personally, I do not see Peyton as an attention seeker, so I think that he will choose to take his talents elsewhere.

Peyton "The Sheriff"

    The Miami Dolphins give Peyton the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, a great place for a guy that likes to take the day off every once in awhile to relax or go out and party. Sounds like a good idea to most, but again, this does not fit the desires of Peyton, as he is a hardworking family man with a wife and a set of twins.

     The Washington Redskins give Peyton the opportunity to play against his brother twice a year. This sounds more like a job made for the Harbaugh brothers, but Peyton might like the idea as well, because he has been a fierce competitor all throughout his 14 year career.

Peyton "The Redskin"
     After it is all said and done, I believe Peyton Manning will end up playing for the Washington Redskins. Three major factors make it clear: The Redskins strong need at the quarterback position, their tendency to go after every big name free agent, and the opportunity for the Manning brothers to suit up against each other two times every year.

     Although other options would provide a better shot at the Super Bowl, I see Peyton Manning as a man who likes to take on challenges. Overcome four neck surgeries in 2 years to lead the Redskins through the Eli-dominated NFC East? Challenge Accepted.


  1. this is all bull.... Peyton will come to the miami dolphins

    1. What makes you think that? Miami as a city does not fit his personality at all.

    2. ...except that he... you know... lives there.

    3. LeBron James had a house in New York before he made his decision, he promptly chose to go to the Heat. It is all a moot point now, because the Redskins should be pulling themselves out of the race.

  2. I'll agree that the need is there. But when you say "Washington" has a tendency to go after free agents, you're ignoring a big change at GM. Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder were known to pursue big names. Mike and Bruce don't have those same faults. Also, I don't think playing Eli (and having to fight him for the divisional playoff spot) isn't the enticement you think it is.