Monday, December 5, 2011

The Rapid Fall of the Chicago Bears: Is There Still Hope?

     The Chicago Bears are having some serious problems. 1 time Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler is out for another month with a broken thumb on his throwing hand. Matt Forte, league leader in yards from scrimmage through 12 games, is out for a month with an MCL sprain. The backup quarterback, Caleb Hanie, has 6 interceptions in 2 starts. Could things really get any worse?

     Apparently, they can. According to recent reports, these are the top 2 replacement options for the Bears: Donovan McNabb and yes, you guessed it, Brett Favre. Things are falling far and fast for this team, and Lovie Smith is going to have to pull off something amazing to get them back on track. As of now, the Bears (7-5) are 2nd in the NFC North, and tied for the 5th seed in the NFC playoff standings with 2 other teams.
Their last four games:
                                    @Denver (7-5)? LOSS, see Tebow
                                    vs Seattle (5-7)? Possibly a Win, unless Marshawn Lynch is in beast mode
                                   @Green Bay(12-0) LOSS, i mean really, its RODGERS
                                   @Minnesota(2-10) Possibly a win, but not a given against Adrian Peterson.

That means the Bears will finish the season, at best, 9-7, with a strong possibility of 8-8. Hate to say it Bears fans, but if Donovan McNabb is your best option, you are better off hoping for the worst.

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