Monday, December 26, 2011

There Is More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

As I see it, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have at least 6 major needs, in no specific order: Linebacker that pairs with Mason Foster, Shutdown Cornerback to replace Ronde Barber, #1 Preferably Tall Wide Reciever, Pass Blocking Offensive Tackle, Versatile Offensive Guard, Complementary Running Back.
Other Needs: (Safety Depth, Versatile Fullback)

The Bucs can go SEVERAL different ways in their draft, so they really need somebody that will make decisions by their self. They have to trust Dominik's drafting, because he's generally done a great job of choosing players. Every 1st and 2nd rounder we have selected in the past 3 years has shown the ability to be legit starter in the NFL, except maybe Benn, who has shown great flashes with the ball in his hands. (except when he steps out before it gets there)

Option 1: Buc Ball Route
 "We think that if we have a strong defensive draft, we can become a real NFL defense like we were in the old days. No more worst in anything. A Top half in Passing D, and a Top 20 Rushing D would be a big difference in one year."

1st Round: Claiborne: (6'0, 185, 4.4) (Shutdown Corner, Great Speed, NFL Starter for 10 years) No Claiborne? KirkPatrick: (6'3, 192, 4.46) He shows the toughness that Ronde Barber shows, with ability to blitz the QB and tackle running backs, as well as be a great cover corner.

2nd round: Take a Linebacker. This team cannot stop anyone. Looking at Prospect Background's, this draft seems to have more quality Outside LBs outside the first round, so it looks like Mason Foster will stay at MLB. Here they could take Lavonte David (6'1, 225, 4.55, Tackling Machine and Playmaker quoted as a great fit for Tampa Two) at best. Other available players: Danny Trevathan (6'1, 232,4.56, 5th in nation in tackles) Sean Spence: (6'0, 224, 4.49, leader for U of Miami)

 "Our franchise quarterback will never properly develop if we don't surround him with top offensive talent. We've never dedicated one of our top 2 picks to him since he's been here. We love him, we put our faith in him to lead us to the promise land." 

1st Round: Blackmon: (6'1, 215,4.48, top Wide out in football for 2 years) Kalil: (6'7, 295, 5.01, consensus top OL) Richardson: (5'11, 224, 4.49, proven amazing talent) The Bucs have been trying to get a top pick for the past 9 weeks, and we are not going to ruin it now. Give em the 5th or 6th pick in the draft: Colts will pick Luck, Somebody will get RGIII, and somebody will draft Claibrone. That leaves 3 to be picked. We have a top 6 pick, so at least one of these players will be available. Blackmon allows us to run a 3-4 WR Spread Offense that Freeman thrives in, and gives us a true number one WR. Kalil gives Freeman more time in the pocket. A mobile guy like Freeman can use time in the pocket to destroy opposing defenses. With Kalil on the left and Penn on the right, Freeman would never have anything to worry about. Richardson gives us the best backfield in the NFL. period. Let's face it, Blount is amazing at times, but he needs a compliment. Richardson not only compliments, but turns Blount into the compliment. He will catch out of the backfield with fluid hands, run over defenders, and has breakaway speed.

2nd Round: If they get Blackmon: This pick will be an offensive lineman. Tackle Prospects: Mike Adams: (6'6, 320, might be relegated to right tackle) Nate Potter: (6'6, 295, needs to add strength) Guard Prospects: Kelechi Osmele: (6'5, 347, played tackle in college) Kevin Zeitler: (6'4, 315, played for Wisconsin: somebody must have been making that offense move.) If we get Kalil or Richardson: Look for a Wide Reciever here. Depends on whether they're looking for a burner or a Calvin Johnson type. Notable Prospects: Dwight Jones: (6'4, 225, 4.55, great with YAC) Kendall Wright: (5'10, 190, 4.39, great deep threat) Rueben Randle: (6'4, 208, 4.51, high school phenom doubles as returner and would instantly start at both positions)

Option 3: Best Player Available
 "We can't specifically look for positions, because there are alot of things that we need." 

This strategy works a lot better for teams that have no obvious holes, or in this case, too many obvious holes. Maybe it doesn't require making specific decisions, but if you rank your top 100 players, it will give us the best players we can get for the first three rounds in the draft.There is no way for us to determine what need is more important than the other. We need at least 4 new players (Cornerback, Strong OLB, Weak OLB, Safety) to make our defense playoff worthy, and that will not come in one draft. We need at least 3 new players on our offense (#1 WR, Tackle, Guard) to create a playoff team, and that most likely will take more than one year to create. The gradual approach could help us to be mediocre accross the board next year, which is good enough to be competitive in every game we play.

First things first: The Bucs will need to finish out the season, and find out who will be leading our team next year. After losing 9 in a row, the owners are the only people with job security, and even they are in trouble with ticket sales.

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